LoveBug variant steals bank details

Variant of the LoveBug used to target Swiss bank users

A LoveBug variant has been detected trying to capture password details from Swiss Internet banking customers, according to US security and antivirus experts.

US computer security firm has reportedly found evidence of the virus being used to target bank users in Switzerland. Russian antivirus company Kaspersky says it has also been alerted to incidents.

Outbreaks are very limited, however, according to antivirus firm Network Associates, which detected and produced a fix for the virus on Monday.

The virus is known by the name VBS/ and is disguised as a job resume attached to an email message.

According to Kaspersky the virus relies on a victim running a piece of software called USB PIN which is used by customers of the Union Bank of Switzerland for online banking transactions.

Kasperksy says that once activated the virus will try to download a Trojan horse program named Hooker. This will record keystrokes and information such as logins and passwords and try to mail them to an anonymous email address.

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