Low cost social music app Rithm aims to make music sharing easy for everyone

A new app, available for iPhone, has been released today that makes it easy to share and play music whilst chatting with your friends.

How much do you spend on your online music downloads? According to a new app released today, consumers on average, spend around $50 per year on music.

Rithm, the social music messaging service has today released an app, available for iPhone, and Android that makes it easy to share and play music with friends.

Low cost social music app Rithm aims to make music sharing easy for everyone ZDNet

After running a successful beta with a few million installs this new service will allow users to share songs through its music keyboard interface, playlist songs from friends and chat using emojis that dance.

The company reckons that sharing music with friends in 2015 is not as easy as it should be. Currently, people turn to incomplete workarounds like copying and pasting music links into text messages to pass music around their network.

Rithm intends to offer a "seamless way to enjoy and discover music with friends", without having to change tabs or copy and paste links on your device.

Subscribing to the free tier of the service will give you access to play 30-second clips of music in chats.

The premium tier, at $3.99 per month, will allow full track streaming in chat and playlist. This low price point will expand streaming to the mainstream market according to the company.

The company aims to differentiate itself on price and social experience between friends. Rithm claims to be a more "affordable streaming option" than "all you can eat" services, such as Spotify at $9.99 per month. Its focus is on mainstream consumers and millennials or teens.

As part of the launch Rithm has partnered with all the major music labels such as Universal, Sony and Warner to include "millions of tracks on its catalogue"

It also includes indie label aggregators such as The Orchard and Merlin on its service.Rithm has also has partnered with artists such as Steve Aoki, Migos, Zeds Dead and The Chainsmokers.

The service will introduce Artist Shops where fans can purchase and share dancing artist emojis and stickers from these artists. Fans can can also discover music within Rithm's curated explore section.

The app lets you share music and chat with friends and share song clips to SMS, Facebook and Twitter. You can swipe songs into chats directly from the music keyboard.

The app initially will be available only in the U.S. and Canada at launch. Financing has been raised from private angel investors.

For a more social experience for sharing and playing music with friends - when you can not actually be in the same room as them, Rithm aims to bring you the virtual music experience at a much lower cost than its competitors.

But make sure your Android and iPhone owning friends all use the app too - or the truly social experience will be lost.

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