Lulu changes app in Brazil after legal issues

Only men who want to be rated will feature in the app

Rating mobile tool Lulu will change in Brazil to only feature men who agree with its rules and want to be rated through the app.

Through Facebook, Lulu enables users to anonymously review any and all of their male friends in various categories ranging from appearance and manners to sex and commitment. The changes in Brazil that have been introduced last week mean that only men that agree to the terms and conditions of the app will be reviewed.

The news follow the launch of a civil inquiry by the Brazilian Public Prosecutor's Office into Lulu developer Luluvise Incorporation and Facebook, over the fact that men could not choose whether or not they featured on the app - they only had the choice to leave it.

Lulu's marketing director Deborah Singer has dismissed the claims that the app is unlawful and told news portal Terra that the Brazil-specific changes are totally unrelated to the legal issues sparked by the app. She added that a third of the Brazilian men that chose to leave the app reactivated their profiles in less than a week.

Since its launch in Brazil in November, Lulu faced controversy around privacy and has been involved in lawsuits initiated by men demanding the removal of their profiles as well as compensation for moral damages. The complaints then prompted the Public Prosecutor's Office inquiry.

However, all this noise appears to have boosted Lulu's popularity enormously and Brazil currently is the app's largest market, with nearly ten million female users who use the tool nine times a day on average.


23 Dec 2013 12:31 EST: The headline of this story has been amended. It previously stated that Lulu changed its app to allow opt-outs, as opposed to only featuring men who agree with its rules.