Lumia 2520 replaces iPad, Nokia, Chromebook, and iQi (MobileTechRoundup show #311)

I surprised Kevin, and possibly many others, with this week's purchases. We talked about that and many other mobile topics in the latest MoTR podcast.

I caught Kevin a bit off guard with the purchase last week that I described on MobileTechRoundup show 311. Keep in mind it is the device that fits MY needs. Show topics include:

Image: ZDNet
  • Nokia's Lumia 520 may be the best selling WP; New 525 doubles RAM. Kevin may buy a 520 for $50.

  • Matt scores one for the Chromebook crowd in the recent debate !

  • Acer C720P touchscreen Haswell-powered Chromebook announced. Still looking for the mid-tier device.

  • Wireless charging with the iPhone no longer requires a bulky case: Hello iQi!

  • What's with the Apple patent to refocus images after taking them? (Uh, Nokia and Lytro: are you watching?)

  • Nokia offers a free keyboard with the Lumia 2520 : good deal!

  • Google Wallet cards are here. Will you use one?

  • Republic Wireless Moto X : Matt's new alternate carrier and device

Running time: 66:30 minutes

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