Lumia 950 XL, Band 2, Gear S2, Google services, and Pixel C (MobileTechRoundup show #361)

New phones, new wearables, a new tablet, and updated services were all discussed on this week's podcast.

I hope you are thirsty because there were a few devices purchased since our last show. Enjoy MobileTechRoundup show #361 and hear about some new phones, wearables, and a tablet.

Image: ZDNet
  • Purchased and then returned a Lumia 950 XL
  • Is the Microsoft Band 2 the ultimate fitness tracker?
  • Shared Albums now available for Google Photos
  • Google Play Music family plan now available. Are we switching?
  • Google Pixel C hands on: Great hardware, not much new with software
  • Matt bought a Samsung Gear S2 and is impressed.
  • Star Wars viewing plans

Running time: 79 minutes

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