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Brown. My school uniform was brown. Purple. Enough said.
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Ubuntu logo

Brown. My school uniform was brown.

Purple. Enough said.

A new version of Ubuntu Linux is here, with a new look. And it says something about Ubuntu’s ease of installation, usability and ergonomics that I think it’s brilliant despite the colour schemes. Personally I have never been a fan of brown. As is well known, men invariably wear ‘pond colours’, and brown holds murky, muddy associations for me.

But why purple? I guess Fedora has blue, openSUSE has green, brown’s been binned which pretty much leaves pink or purple. So purple it is.

Ubuntu Ambiance dark theme

The revamp of the Ubuntu brand includes the theme Ambiance and a new logo, and funnily enough, despite all the darkness, the motif is “light”.

It works well though, and I’m installed, up and running with all settings restored within a couple of hours, and no problems to report. Slicker than a tyre with no tread.

One small touch in GNOME which I’m not sure was there before is the ability to have a two panes open in a file browser, so that it’s easy to copy from one location to another. That’s cool. Two panes and multiple tabs in a file browser. Nice.

GNOME file browser new pane

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