Luxury lattes: Starbucks 'Geisha' coffee $7 a cup

And no, there's no alcohol in it.

Image via Starbucks

Already viewed by many as a symbol of prosperity, high end coffee company Starbucks has one-upped themselves, rolling out their most expensive coffee yet. The new brew, named Costa Rica Finca Palmilera and made from a rare kind of coffee called Geisha, costs $7 for 16oz--a grande in company lingo. A tall, the smallest size, costs $6.

The high price is a result of the fact that Geisha is very difficult to grow due to conditions in high-altitude farms in Costa Rica where it's cultivated.  The availability of this coffee is very limited, and 450 half-pound bags of a differently-named Geisha coffee sold out just 24 hours after becoming available on the company's website. Those bags cost $40 each.

The coffee is only available for purchase at locations in the Northwest United States. Each of those 46 locations is equipped with a special Clover Brewing Machine.

[via TIME, Washington Post]

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