Lycos Norwegian link to be largest Net search engine

Lycos RichMedia Search incorporates MP3 and FTP search engines

Lycos has partnered with Norwegian search engine technology developer Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) to launch what it claims is the largest multimedia search engine on the Internet with over 17 million files.

Lycos RichMedia Search provides a dedicated search facility for finding images, films, streams and audio files on the Web.

A search returns a fully integrated results page with all relevant multimedia files, whether audio, video or streams. Unlike other similar search engines, this means that the user does not have to jump to another page to view results in different formats.

The site also incorporates Lycos' MP3 and FTP search engines. The MP3 search facility was first introduced in February and was one of the first sites to be collared by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for alleged copyright infringement.