Lyris One digital marketing platform aims to maximize value of big data

Lyris unveiled what it calls the "first digital marketing platform" designed to address the challenges presented by big data.

Digital marketing company Lyris has launched a new big data platform designed to help marketers transform the massive amounts of customer interactive data into information that can maximize the relevance and value of every customer interaction.

Lyris ONE is named so because it is supposed to provide a single, unified view of each customer. The platform is touted to capture all customer profile data to produce a real-time view of every individual in a single location.

Those customer profiles are built out of data from multiple sources, whether they be structured and unstructured. Some examples include email, social media and "hundreds" of enterprise applications.

Thus, marketers could be able to take advantage of this strategy by providing more targeted advertising to users on anything from mobile devices to digital displays.

Lyris CEO Wolfgang Massberg asserted in a blog post that consumers "no longer accept disconnected brand communications across different channels."

Thus, Massberg added, "It’s up to marketers to capture and analyze rich customer interactive data to inform strategic marketing campaigns that deliver the right message, at the right place, at the right time."

Beyond generating just customer profiles, Lyris ONE consolidates the creation and deployment of campaign workflows across interactive channels as well as measures the effectiveness of those campaigns against customer data.

For a closer look at the Lyris ONE platform, check out the promo video below:

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