M-Edge Executive Nook case holds the HTC Flyer and pen

There are not many case options yet for the HTC Flyer, but the M-Edge Executive Leather Nook case works well and holds the Magic Pen while being on sale for just $20.

As you know, I picked up my own HTC Flyer just a few hours after testing out an evaluation unit and have been happy with the device for the last week I have been using it. One issue that has been bugging me to no end is the fact that HTC did not include a case with the US model and there was none available to purchase at launch. As I searched around in vain for a case with holder for the pen, I was directed to Arthur's article over on Pocketables and read a recommendation to check out a Nook case.

I have a Nook so I tried a couple of the cases I have and found that the original Nook cases fit well, but I didn't have one with a pen holder. I eventually found the M-Edge Executive Leather case for the Nook on Best Buy with the real surprise that it was on sale for just $19.99 instead of the regular price of $39.99. I ordered a black one for pick up at my local store and as you can see in my image gallery it fits my HTC Flyer well.

Image Gallery: Check out a few photos of the M-Edge Nook case for use with the HTC Flyer.
Image Gallery: M-Edge retail package
Image Gallery: HTC Flyer in the Nook case

There are four corner braces that hold the HTC Flyer in place with a securing strap that goes across the front of the case. The elastic pen holder securely holds the HTC Magic Pen in place along the left side of the HTC Flyer. The front cover does flip around the back, it is still a bit stiff since it is new leather, so you can use your Flyer in the case and it looks like the only issue with using this case is that you cannot use the back camera. Then again, the camera is not that good and so far I haven't found a real need to use it myself.

I would love to see a Scosche Folio case like I had for my Samsung Galaxy Tab so I could prop up the HTC Flyer to watch movies and will continue to search for a case such as this. For now, though the M-Edge Executive Leather case is a great choice, especially for just $19.99 for high quality leather and good protection.