Mac emulator canned

CherryOS has bitten the dust, but claims that the emulator included code lifted from other products still linger on

Maui X-Stream has withdrawn the CherryOS Mac emulator from its product line, the company confirmed on Tuesday.

Last month Maui X-Stream president Jim Kartes said it was releasing the source code of its Mac emulator for Windows to put an end to accusations that it had taken code from open source projects, such as the PowerPC emulator PearPC.

But the CherryOS product has now been retired. The company claimed the main reason for this is due to the departure of Arben Kryeziu, the developer of CherryOS. Kryeziu's decision to leave was "mutual" and he was granted the licensing rights for CherryOS as part of the agreement, a company spokeswoman said.

Arben Kryeziu said in a blog that he has decided to can the project. "I decided that C-OS [CherryOS] is not worth the hassle, not now or in the future," said Kryeziu. "C-OS went to work without brushing its teeth or taking a shower, it was not ready."

Although the CherryOS project has ended, some in the open source community are angry that Kryeziu and Maui X-Stream have not adequately responded to accusations that they used PearPC code to build CherryOS.

PearPC developer Daniel Foesch said in a forum posting that the project may pursue legal action against Kryeziu for his alleged misuse of the GPL-licensed code from the PearPC project.

"No, we will not stop just because he gave up," said Foesch in the posting. "Because he's still not complied with the GPL and made proper amends…Arben [Kryeziu], you better be financially successful enough to fund a defence, because we're not stopping."

But others think that it is not worth pursuing a legal case. "Now that Arben [Kryeziu] has given up, why do we still have to pursue him — he's obviously been retrenched by [Maui X-Stream], and the product no longer exists — so where's the quarrel," asked another forum posting.