Mac Pro back on European shelves after regulatory shift

European authorities effectively banned the old Mac Pro desktop after a regulatory decision on fan protection. A massive overhaul of the heavyweight computer changes that.

Image: CNET

Apple's latest Mac Pro is now available for sale in Europe, following restrictions placed on electronics that saw the previous model pulled from sale.

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For almost a year, the Cupertino, Calif.-based technology giant didn't have the fully-fledged borderline supercomputer on the market in the European Union after falling foul of an overnight regulation change.

According to reports in 2013, Apple was forced to remove the older desktop box-like Mac Pro from sale after safety regulation IEC 60950-1 [PDF] amendment resulted in the computer falling out of compliance. The regulation related to unprotected spinning fans designed to cool the computer. 

Instead of fixing the "problem," Apple pulled the computer from sale and waited until its then-unannounced successor would be announced later in 2013.

Now thanks to a thorough overhaul of the new Mac Pro's design — a fraction of its predecessor's size and weight — the computer is back on sale in the 28 member state bloc.

Apple's online store now pegs the up-to-£3,299 desktop ($5,400) for a February delivery date.