Mac support coming to major engineering and construction specifications platform

Mac keeps making gains in all kinds of formerly-Windows-only technical niches. In this case, it's Masterworks, software for writing the complex specifications documents for architects, engineers and construction companies.

According to Architosh, a Macintosh CAD and architecture news site, ARCOM, the developers of the Masterworks suite of specification productivity software, will bring Masterworks to the Mac in the fall.

The new Masterworks for Mac version will be designed for use with Microsoft Word 2011 for the Mac and is scheduled for a Fall 2012 release. It will provide the same tools and productivity features that PC users have been using to create and edit construction specifications quickly and easily. Masterworks tools include wizards for automating repetitive tasks, global editing and formatting, extensive reports, and much more.

MasterSpec offers a system of prewritten, full-length, short-form and outline master guide specifications. ARCOM said that the company has spent "300 years cumulative specification development experience" as well as teamwork with the American Institute of Architects to improve the MasterSpec software. The software supports civil, environmental, and structural engineers for infrastructure projects.

More details on the Mac version are available at Architosh.