Mac users get the 3G data nod - eventually

Vodafone does the decent thing

Vodafone does the decent thing

The wait is over for Apple users: one mobile operator has decided to launch a Mac-compatible 3G/GPRS data card.

The Vodafone card provides users with speeds of up to 384Kbps and is aimed the at Mac's business users. According to Big Red, its 3G coverage will extend to about 50 per cent of the UK population before the end of the month and covers 250 cities abroad.

In non-3G areas, the card switches to GPRS, with 99 per cent coverage.

Two version of the card are available, the Internet Access version for casual surfing on the move and Remote Access versions for business use.

Mac users have had to wait some months longer than their non-Apple counterparts for 3G access: Vodafone originally launched its PC data card in April. However, it's still the only operator in the UK providing a Mac-happy product.

A Vodafone spokeswoman said that the launch of a Mac data card was "always a priority", adding "it's a case of walking before we run - there are more PC users out there, so we got that [data card] out there first."

The cards cost between £169 and £84 excluding VAT, with a choice of four monthly tariffs ranging from £75 and £10 excluding VAT.