Mac web presence up 35% in 12 months

Intel Macs have been good for Apple.

Intel Macs have been good for Apple.

The number of Macs on the web is up by almost 35% on what is was 12 months ago, according to data collected by Net Applications

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The numbers make interesting reading.  Here's what they were as of Oct 2006:

Operating SystemMarket Share (%)
Windows XP84.62
Windows 20005.79
Mac OS4.09
Windows 982.04
Mac Intel1.12
Windows ME0.96

Now compare those to the numbers from a year ago:

Operating SystemMarket Share (%)
Windows XP77.44
Windows 200010.03
Windows 985.13
Mac OS3.87
Windows ME2.12
Windows NT0.88

 That's pretty impressive growth.  Switching to Intel certainly has been good for Apple - I think that maybe it prompted people to upgrade earlier than they might have done otherwise.  In fact, you can watch the Mac Intel growth in the data clearly - uninterrupted month-on-month growth since Feb 2006:

MonthMac Intel Market Share (%)
Feb 060.03
Mar 060.08
Apr 060.16
May 060.23
Jun 060.36
Jul 060.49
Aug 060.62
Sep 060.84
Oct 061.12

It'll be interesting to track the progress of Mac growth over the next 12 months and watch how this plays out.  If the growth is just as a result of people upgrading their old Macs for shiny new Intel ones then we're going to see the growth plateau over the next few months.  However, it's possible that Apple have managed to break into new territory with its Intel-based Macs, and if that is the case Apple could enjoy further growth. 

Maybe the idea of being able to run both Mac OS and Windows on an Mac is more of a selling point than I'd first anticipated?


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