Macromedia, Nokia team on WAP authoring standard

Should result in wider range of Web content on dog and bone

Owners of Nokia WAP mobile phones will soon be able to experience a wider range of content as a result of a partnership between Nokia and Macromedia.

The companies have entered into an agreement to develop the first visual Wireless Markup Language (WML) authoring solution for mobiles. This will allow developers to create WAP content using WML objects for the Dreamweaver Web authoring environment.

At the moment most of the WAP authoring software available is proprietary shareware from WAP developers. With this partnership Macromedia hopes to establish Dreamweaver as the industry standard for authoring WAP content. "This makes the WAP language accessible to any half decent Web developer and will bring the capabilities of WAP to just about anyone," said Macromedia technical sales manager Matt Mansell.

Without the WML objects for Dreamweaver, WML is generated in text editors that provide no visual representation of how the content appears to users or how they will be able to navigate the displayed content on the handset. The new WML objects will allow developers to create content designed for Nokia's WAP handsets by visually rendering WML content within Dreamweaver at design time.

The Nokia WML objects will be available free from both companies' Web sites.

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