Mad Men's Don Draper unveils Facebook Timeline (video)

Imagine if Facebook could hire Mad Men's Don Draper to pitch its new Timeline feature. Oh wait, you don't have to: just watch this video.

Technology strategist Eric Leist has created a Mad Men and Facebook Timeline video mashup. It was first picked up by Facebook Product manager Sam Lessin, who reposted it on his Facebook profile: "This makes me happy on a lot of levels."

In the original "The Wheel" episode (YouTube), Don Draper pitches a marketing campaign for the Kodak Carousel. Leist realized that the dialogue applies perfectly to the Facebook Timeline.

Here's his description of the video:

Who knew that Facebook's newest feature was originally conceived by the Mad Men of the 1960s? In all seriousness, the most compelling elements of Facebook's Timeline are the ones that made Kodak's Carousel popular. Reminiscing is a social activity. It always has been, and now Facebook is bringing that activity online.

Draper puts it more succinctly: "Nostalgia. It's delicate, but potent." In the actual scene, Draper projects images from his own life onto a screen. In Leist's video, these images are shown as they would appear in the Facebook Timeline.

At its 2011 f8 developer conference, Facebook announced the new Timeline feature, which will be replacing your current Facebook profile in the next few weeks. The rollout will be very gradual, but if you want, you can get it early.

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