Mahindra Satyam aims to triple Australian jobs

Mahindra Satyam continues on its growth path, announcing its intentions to tap into Australia's industry and triple its headcount in the country over the next two years.

Indian-based IT services company Mahindra Satyam is continuing its global expansion plans, with Australia now in the company's sights for rapid growth.

Bobby Gupta, who only earlier this month took over as the head of operations for Australia and New Zealand, said on Friday that the company plans to more than triple its headcount in Australia to 5,000 employees over the next two years.

Last year, the company similarly announced that it would be doing the same in China, tripling staff to 1,500 employees in the country it described as a "critical pillar of our regional and global strategy".

At the time, it said that it hoped to capitalise on China's growth and its talent pool — notably its universities.

The same appears to be true for the Australian market, with Gupta stating that it has already begun hiring graduates from local universities as part of its ramp-up plans.

Additionally, Gupta said that the company will work with a Sydney or Melbourne university to co-create a new centre of excellence.

Gupta further re-confirmed the company's intentions earlier this year to make further acquisitions in the European Union and Australian markets, stating that it will narrow its current shortlist of five candidates down to one by the end of June.

The money to finance the deal comes from the company's cash pile of INR33.1 billion (US$622 million), as disclosed in its recent third quarter figures .

However, it is not pinning all of its hopes on other companies. Last year, it launched a US$50 million seed fund for its own staff, challenging them to "start the next Facebook or Skype", while hoping that any ideas will apply to and help its existing verticals.