Maine integrator redefines hybrid cloud management

GreenPages, which generates about $130 million in annual revenue, boasts elite virtualization credentials and cloud consulting skills.

Many integrators and cloud brokers supporting migration projects are companies that your IT team may have never heard of, but plenty of forward-thinking legacy IT services companies are investing in these skills.

One notable example is GreenPages Technology Solutions from Kittery, Maine, which is using its elite skills in virtualization and private cloud infrastructure to create services centered on managing hybrid cloud implementations.

GreenPages was one of the earliest traditional IT services firms to invest heavily in the skills needed for cloud deployments, particularly those centered on the Vblock infrastructure developed by EMC and Cisco, with investments from VMware and Intel.

With a technical resource team of more than 90 employees, it was the first US integration partner for the CA Private Cloud Accelerator for Vblock Platforms. The company is authorized to handle these other Vblock solutions: CA Migration for SAP Applications, CA Capacity Management and Reporting Suite, CA Virtual Desktop Automation, and CA Process Automation.

"GreenPages is an important cloud integration partner for us because they truly understand the benefits — and challenges — that organizations now face as they automate their datacenter capabilities," said Adam Famularo, general manager of enterprise and cloud solutions for CA Technologies, speaking about the company's authorizations.

That early work is now emerging in a brand new offering that GreenPages has dubbed its "cloud management as a service" offering (or CMaaS for short).

"Customers need solutions to help manage commercial and government hybrid cloud solutions," said Ron Dupler, CEO of GreenPages. "But current tool sets are usually a combination of very expensive, very complicated, or very immature technologies. We really believed we could come up with an offering that would provide the midmarket with a more viable alternative."

Just as it sounds, the GreenPages CMaaS offers a single portal that allows organizations to monitor and manage their physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure workloads holistically. Some of the specific features it offers are monitoring and alerts, cloud service provider management, provisioning, remote asset management, secure timed access, session recording, and patching, said Chris Ward, CTO of the GreenPages LogicsOne operation, which was recently formed to help consolidate its cloud consulting and service capabilities.

Most of the operational components are available today; the cloud services brokerage and management options should be live in mid-April, thanks to GreenPages' new partnership with Gravitant, which provides a platform called cloudMatrix that sits across private and public cloud infrastructure services.

GreenPages CMaaS is available in several different services level, ranging from the basic monitoring services up to the fully managed offering that will be made possible through cloudMatrix, Ward said. Generally speaking, there will be a monthly subscription and management feed associated with each tier, depending on the extent of the infrastructure being managed.

"The difference between the four levels is how much work internal IT wants to do versus what they want us to handle for them," he said.

GreenPages is speaking with its traditional customers about the CMaaS offering since many of them are now in possession of "accidental" hybrid cloud environments that have emerged to accommodated employees bringing their own mobile devices into the corporate network.

"Today, only a very small portion of the market has what I would call a true strategy-driven hybrid cloud within their organization, although many businesses now are starting to work toward that," Dupler said.

For more about GreenPages' quest to support hybrid cloud environments, see the company's Journey to the Cloud blog.