Major GitHub update puts its Enterprise product on AWS

GitHub Enterprise gets a major overhaul and makes it possible to deploy on Amazon's public cloud.

A major update to GitHub's enterprise product allows companies to host their coding projects in Amazon Web Services' cloud.

The headline feature of GitHub Enterprise 2.0, released on Tuesday, is that GitHub Enterprise can be deployed on AWS, essentially to meet enterprise users that are already there. The significant update for GitHub Enterprise was one of dozens of announcements flowing from AWS's re:Invent conference this week .

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GitHub's business product launched three years ago as an on-premise version that ran on VMware and other virtualisation layers to address concerns about storing projects on third-party servers. "Since GitHub Enterprise launched in 2011, AWS's popularity has grown. Many companies want to host code in their AWS-powered cloud and with good reason," GitHub said on its blog.

It's a sign of the times that enterprise customers have become more comfortable with using the public cloud for certain workloads, a trend strengthened by AWS' wooing of enterprise customers through meeting key compliance standards.

Besides AWS support, the updated enterprise product contains dozens of feature updates and security fixes.

GitHub Enterprise will now use Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, which also contains security fixes relevant to GitHub. It's also got better redundancy with improved with replication and failover, as well as boosting user authentication options via SAML 2.0 with support for OneLogin, PingIdentity, Okta, and Shibboleth.

"Single sign-on with these identity providers allows you to manage your organization's users from one place or manage app access for groups of users at a time, rather than individually," GitHub said.

LDAP servers supported in the new product include Active Directory, FreeIPA, Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition, OpenLDAP, Open Directory, and 389 Directory Server.

GitHub Enterprise 2.0 has dropped support for VirtualBox, while the hypervisors it now supports are VMware ESX and AWS EC2.

For a full run down of security fixes and known issues affecting GitHub Enterprise 2.0, the release notes are here. For customers not comfortable running the product with those known issues, it recommends waiting for versions 2.1.0 or 2.0.1 before upgrading.

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