'Major interruption' at GitHub as attackers launch DDoS

GitHub has been targeted by another DDoS attack that has been successful in causing major disruptions for the code sharing site.

Code sharing repository GitHub was hit by a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack earlier today, causing major disruptions to its regular services.

GitHub began investigating the issue at 1.05pm PST, and by 1.33pm PST, alerted its community to the fact that it was under attack.

By 3.52pm PST, it had managed to rectify the issue, and reported that everything was operating normally again. GitHub wrote on its status page that it was looking into implementing "additional mitigation strategies to harden ourselves against future attacks."

The organisation was attacked earlier this year, with a series of DDoS attacks in Februrary. At the time, GitHub had put in place better protections against DDoS attacks, which were then overcome the following week. In late February, it had put in yet another layer of DDoS defences.

Similar to the previous attacks, no one appears to be claiming responsibility for this latest disruption.