Make money off your EV charging station

Your EV charging station just became a business opportunity, thanks to new software that lets you set hours, rates, and collect payments via a computer or smartphone.

Buying an electric vehicle can be a costly proposition. Aside from the car itself, many EV owners also purchase stations to charge their vehicles from home. It may seem like a lot of investment for a charger that gets used once a day.

But thanks to new software, owners of charging stations may be able to make some money on the side. WattStation Connect is an internet-based software that enables charging station owners to run their stations like a business, setting hours and rates using their computer or smartphone. The software is compatible with internet-connected GE WattStation chargers.

The difference between WattStation Connect and existing apps like PlugShare and Recargo - which already let people publicize a free electrical outlet - is that it allows charging station owners to manage their stations like a business. The software uses PayPal to collect payments, and station owners can view reports tracking how much the stations have made.

The software could provide financial incentives not only to private vehicle owners considering investing in charging stations, but also to businesses with public parking spaces, who may consider expanding their EV charging infrastructure.

Photo: GE Reports

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