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An analyst with Java knowledge and an interest in programming asks how he can best take advantage of his skills for a career.
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Q. I have two years of experience in Oracle as a PL/SQL developer. In my previous company, I worked as an Oracle PL/SQL developer cum DBA.

I worked on ERP application projects (Java and Oracle technology) in my previous company.

As a DBA, I know around 40 percent of the work. I am Oracle OCA-certified (developer side).

Now, I am working as an analyst. My current job role is working on finance service projects (with J2EE and Oracle technology).

I am an expert in PL/SQL and have good knowledge of ERP functionalities. I am interested in programming and have Java knowledge.

My question is, which path should I choose as my career?

My options are Oracle DBA, Oracle Apps, and Java and J2EE. I never worked on Oracle Forms, Reports and Oracle Apps 11i applications. I have only 40 percent of knowledge of Oracle DBA Works.

Should I go for a new technology, or can I continue with my current skill sets in J2EE technology.

Please guide me on which path I can choose?

Career advice from E. Balaji, CEO of HR services provider, Ma Foi Management Consultants:

Based on your experience in Oracle as a PL/SQL developer, I would suggest that sticking to your current skill set is a better option.

JAVA/J2EE with PL/SQL is a good combination.

There are technology centers/subsidiaries of technology intensive product companies (physical products) as well as traditional IT companies that have good projects. They are hiring a lot of people for this skill set.

Oracle DBA may not be a good option as you say you are not proficient in IT. Oracle Apps would be totally a new skill for you.

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