​Malaysia to use DSPOne's smart city solution for tech park pilot

South Korean DSPOne's solutions will be used for Malaysia's pilot smart city project at its Technology Park Malaysia (TPM).

Malaysia will trial South Korean smart city solution vendor DSPOne's products at its Technology Park Malaysia (TPM) science park.

DSPOne signed an MOU with local counterpart DSPOne Technology Sdn Bhd to participate in Malaysia's Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) smart city proof of concept for the park. The MOU was signed with MOSTI's deputy minister in attendance, and MOSTI will offer support for the pilot.

DSPOne will supply the main devices and platforms while DSPOne Technology Sdn Bhd will oversee operations and localizations.

The solutions, if expanded, will be aimed at non-major peripheral islands to make them powered with sustainable energy.

"Our mission is to find new technology," said Datuk Wira Abu Bakar bin Mohamad Diah, deputy minister of MOSTI, on his visit to Seoul for the MOU signing. "We want to build an intelligent park with Korean technology and show our people what a smart city is."

"We will see how it goes and consider adapting it to other cities," he added.

"We are happy to take part in Malaysia's smart city pilot and offer our proven solutions to offer the best smart city experience possible," said DSPOne CEO Hong Dong-ho.

DSPOne offers solutions in Giga Wi-Fi, solar energy, energy storage systems (ESS), and LED lighting. The firm started off as a digital signal processor vendor but has been expanding its business IT platform since 2014.

It already supplies to and has working relationships with India, Vietnam, and Thailand, and believes its solutions are optimal for island nations of Southeast Asia.

The Korean firm said the long-term plan to was to expand the business country-to-country and apply the project at Jeolla Province, southwestern region of South Korea, where there are 2,165 registered islands.

The islands there have already successfully conducted smart island trials, powered by independent energy sources.

DSPOne expects revenues of $15 million from smart island projects between the countries by 2020.

The TPM was founded in 1996 and is the Malaysian government's fostering ground for new technology and talent.

Correction 7:35pm AEDT March 20, 2017: MOU signed with local counterpart DSPOne Technology Sdn Bhd as opposed to MOSTI.