Man brags about evading cops on Facebook; gets arrested

Did you just manage to evade the cops on your motorcycle? Don't go bragging about it on Facebook, like this guy did.

At 7:56 PM on Friday, the police spotted an individual recklessly driving his off-road motorcycle. Chris Gray, the Yakima County deputy, was unable to stop the individual, who used a ditch road to get away. What's a police officer to do? Facebook to the rescue!

Several hours later, a 19 year-old man, whose name was not released, bragged about eluding two police officers on Facebook. The deputies logged onto the suspect's Facebook profile page and noticed a photograph of his motorcycle that was "strikingly similar" to the one that eluded them hours earlier.

The suspect was rousted out of bed at 4:00 AM on Saturday by officers with a search warrant. He verified that he was the individual riding the motorcycle and cooperated with the investigation once he was shown a print out of his Facebook profile. He was arrested pending charges of reckless driving and other undisclosed infractions.

"Please be aware that there is little privacy in social networking," Gray said in a statement. "Intelligent use of media is suggested."

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