Man wins e-mail spam suit in U.K.

The case is believed to be the first of its kind since the EU antispam law came into effect in 2003.
Written by Staff , Contributor

A businessman has been awarded damages after he took legal action against a company for sending him unwanted e-mail.

According to a report by BBC in London, Nigel Roberts, who is from Channel Islands off the French coast, received compensation totaling £300 (US$519.70) from Media Logistics UK.

He took action against the interactive marketing firm after he received junk e-mail advertising the services of a contract car company and a fax broadcasting business.

The judge ruled in Roberts' favor after Media Logistics acknowledged, but did not contest, the claim. The company eventually settled the case out of court.

A spokesman for the Information Commissioner's Office told BBC that the court ruling is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom since the European Union passed an antispam law in 2003, allowing individuals to sue companies and claim damages to curb spam.

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