MapR, Canonical bring Hadoop to Ubuntu

Linux and Hadoop vendors make Ubuntu-integrated MapR M3 available for download.

MapR, a "big 3" Hadoop provider, is partnering with Canonical to make Hadoop an even bigger phenomenon than it is already. Specifically, the companies are making an Ubuntu-integrated MapR M3 distribution available for download.

MapR M3 will be bundled with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and 12.10 via the Ubuntu Partner Archive, and MapR's M5 distribution will be certified for Ubuntu, too.

The two companies are also working together to develop a "Juju charm" to facilitate deployment of MapR into OpenStack cloud environments. The charm should be available by April 25.

As a kicker, MapR is making the source code for the component packages of its Hadoop distro publicly available on GitHub.

Pervasive Hadoop

If Hadoop is the de facto operating system for big data, then it certainly makes sense that it be part of a popular, general computing operating system, and deployable to open-source cloud computing infrastructure. And given MapR's integration in, and partnerships with, Amazon Web Services Elastic MapReduce, Google Compute Engine, and now Ubuntu Linux, the San Jose, California, company is taking a lead in embedded Hadoop trend.