Marketo aims to curtail mid-air marketing collisions with calendar

An interactive calendar for marketing campaigns is a simple yet potentially important tool to prevent companies from bombarding you with inconsistent or off target messaging.

Marketo has added an calendar feature to its software in a move that may just keep duplicate marketing pitches from hitting you in the face at the same time.

At first glance, the company's Marketing Calendar looks like a no-brainer feature that should have been around already. However, Marketo found that more than 70 percent of marketing teams plan launches on spreadsheets, whiteboards and email.

That lack of collaboration and coordination means teams wind up sending inconsistent pitches at bad times. The idea behind the Marketing Calendar is simple: Give the marketing organization one place to view and plan all activities.

Marketo's Marketing Calendar includes:

  • One source for all marketing activity including lead gen plans, content creation and email lists;
  • Calendar views by channel, region and audience;
  • And a program builder to create marketing campaigns on the fly.

Here's a look. 

marketocalendar 1