Marketplace for Windows Phone 7 apps now working in India

Microsoft's Zune marketplace, the app store for Windows Phone 7 is now available in India. With the marketplace ready, Microsoft should be announcing the devices officially in India soon.

Last week Microsoft's developer evangelist Brandon Watson shed light on numbers regarding developer adoption of Windows Phone 7 platform. The post states the developer tools for the platform have been downloaded more than 1.5 Million times. Microsoft says they have 36,000 registered developers and are adding 1,200 developers every week. In a separate news story, Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform beat the app growth rate of iOS and Android to first 10,000 apps in the marketplace.

India is a vibrant developer market and Microsoft has been organizing developer events to get them on board for Windows Phone 7. Microsoft has not officially launched the devices in India but OEM partners Dell and HTC have made their devices available. From what I know, Microsoft has not launched the devices is since the marketplace was not available in India. Enthusiasts in India so far have been using tweaks to the access the marketplace and have now spotted that they see prices in Indian Rupees, pointing to imminent launch of the service and the devices.

One of the reasons why the Zune player (and the KIN phones) did not do well for Microsoft is that they were US only. Microsoft has launched Windows Phone 7 in several countries and India is Nokia's backyard, with the Nokia deal Microsoft hopes to leverage the strong sales network Nokia has developed. The deal with Nokia is seen by analysts a move that will catapult Microsoft's WP7 platform to #2 behind Android (and ahead of iOS) by 2015.

The app store phenomenon is catching up in India with Nokia's Ovi store being updated and even mobile operators launching app stores.

Image courtesy: WPSauce