Marriott invests in energy management platform

Hospitality company will use services and platform from Constellation Energy to improve energy efficiency at 250 Marriott-managed hotel properties across the United States.

Marriott International has hired Constellation Energy to provide an energy management system and services that will help improve the hospitality company's energy efficiency at more than 250 Marriott- managed hotels.

Under the deal, Marriott International will use Constellation Energy's VirtuWatt technology, integrating it with existing building automation systems at properties in the mid-Atlantic region, New England, New York, Texas and California. The aim is to create up to to 23 megawatts of load response capacity, which can be used by the hotelier to help it respond more proactively to electricity rate reductions, capacity fluctuations and reliability "events."

"Marriott International sees this program as a direct link to our global sustainability efforts," said Robert Bahl, vice president of engineering and facilities for Marriott International, Americas. "In addition to load response, the associated automation of this program will help to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of our hotels, saving an estimated 1.2 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually."

The system will allow Marriott hotels to see electricity consumption, launch curtailment initiatives and bid on participation in demand response markets, which would allow the properties to reduce power usage in in exchange for reduced rates.

The two companies piloted this arrangement on a smaller scale with 17 properties in 2010. They have also developed financing models to aid with the costs associated with the up-front integration of the building systems.

Marriott International, Americas energy director Douglas Rath talks about the role of sustainability within the hospitality company's broader facilities planning and management process:

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