Mashup Makeover

The “Personal Mashup Recorder�?Commendo’s Voyager™ service records for replay on the user’s PC, virtually all standard HTTP delivered content, including mashups or interactivity-enabling software (Flash, AJAX and JavaScript). Replaying mashups on the PC provides significant performance improvements to the user experience, while also making the mashups portable. This hands-on session will show how to use Commendo’s Voyager™ as a “Personal Mashup Recorder�? to record existing mashups, along with techniques and approaches which you can use to create new mashup categories. Three mashup types will be shown and discussed: Entertainment (Videos), Mapping, and Search/RSS. In addition you will learn how using existing debugging tools with recorded mashups can speed up development. Voyager processes mashups in parallel, and is multi-processor enabled, allowing mashups to take full advantage of today’s multi-core PCs. Mashup recording requires no changes to the underlying applications, the mashup code, or content conversion by the user. Download Voyager ™ to your Windows PC prior to the conference at