Massive Linux tender delayed

Australia's New South Wales government will issue a A$40m tender next month, say officials

The NSW Department of Commerce is poised to issue an A$40m (£15.6m)-plus whole-of-government tender for Linux enterprise software and services in mid-September, officials have confirmed.

The closely watched tender, to encompass supply of enterprise-level Linux system software, application software and associated services for desktop and server environments, had provisionally been listed for release on 30 August.

A spokesperson for the Department of Commerce told ZDNet Australia that the tender had been delayed due to the time required to pull together meetings with state government agencies and suppliers and include the feedback from those sessions in the final tender document.

A panel of suppliers is expected to be pulled together as a result of the tender's issue.

The NSW government is a leader in the exploration of open-source solutions, despite having a strong relationship with Microsoft.

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