MasterCard taps open source tech for new SMB e-commerce tool

Based on several new big data and e-commerce products that have debuted in the last six months, using open standards has become a critical requirement.


MasterCard is tapping into the open source crazy with the debut of its new e-commerce solution for small businesses.

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Simplify Commerce is designed to be as a channel for merchants to accept both e-commerce and mobile payments regardless of the payment brand within minutes.

MasterCard describes it as a three-step process: use MasterCard's new APIs, activate a merchant account, and then start accepting payments.

The Simplify Commerce includes APIs and SDKs for developers in a variety of programming languages (i.e. Ruby, PHP, Python and Java) on top of those just for the two most widely-used mobile operating systems, iOS and Android.

Sounds simple enough, but when it comes to finance and adopting new payments infrastructures, it's always easier said than done.

A few of the major hurdles for many merchants -- especially small business owners -- include making the significant financial investment to adopt new technologies not to mention learning how to use them.

But reps for the credit card giant touted that with the open source technology, this particular platform should make e-commerce integration even simpler for merchants.

MasterCard is also promising additional IT help with sample source code and engineering support through its website.

Simplify Commerce is available to merchants in the United States for now.

Infographic via MasterCard