Maybe Apple haters come around with a new leader

For a long time Apple has been a company folks either passionately love or hate. With the iconic leader gone, perhaps detractors will soften their stance against the company.

The regular scene of faithful customers lined up in front of Apple stores is legendary, as common a sight as the haters that come out in droves to spew venom in response to every single article appearing online about the company. It has long been understood that Apple was a company you either loved or hated with a passion, with no middle ground.

I actually fall in that neutral zone as I like some of Apple's products but not others, and while I don't like some of the things the company's business practices no more so than any other company. I view Apple as I do other organizations, just a company full of people, some good and some less so.

While I shouldn't be surprised at the hatred Apple generates from those who don't like the organization, it never fails to shock me just how angry people get at the company. Every article written about Apple, even some that only mention it in passing, for that matter even some articles that don't address Apple at all, bring out the most hateful responses you will see online.

What's up with that? Why does the very mention of Apple start some folks frothing at the mouth? Even saying something less than flattering about Apple's competition can cause venom to be spouted about Apple. It's like these folks have a switch with only two settings: hate for Apple and hate for those even thinking about it.

The passing of Steve Jobs led to lots of speculation about how Apple will be perceived by faithful customers. This is understandable given how iconic he was, and how thoroughly he had come to represent the company. With Jobs gone, is there a chance the company's haters may lessen their stance against Apple? Perhaps some of those with long-time negative feelings about the company will soften their stance? As one who writes about these companies for a living, at least I can hope.