McAfee arrested by police in Guatemala: report

Fugitive software company founder John McAfee has been arrested in Guatemala, according to reports.

Fugitive software company founder John McAfee has reportedly been arrested in Guatemala after entering the country illegally.

According to the Associated Press, the founder of online security firm McAfee was arrested on Wednesday at a hotel in an upmarket area in Guatemala City. Interior Minister Mauricio Lopez Bonilla said that the 67-year-old has been taken to a building used to house illegal immigrants. Reuters says that the country plans to expel the antivirus guru -- potentially back to Belize, although it remains unclear which country he will be deported to.

McAfee is wanted for questioning over the killing of his neighbor Gregory Faul. Faul was discovered last month after being shot and killed, and since then, McAfee has been on the run from Belize authorities.

However, there is no international arrest warrant for the Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and police in Belize do not consider him a prime suspect. One explanation given for the chain of events is that McAfee believes his life is in danger if he returns to Belize, and in an interview with Wired, McAfee said that the killers of his neighbor may have been looking for him.

On Wednesday, hours before being arrested, McAfee claims he formally requested asylum in Guatemala. Police in Belize deny that McAfee is being persecuted, and as there is no official warrant, it is unclear why the antivirus firm founder would need special dispensation to stay in Guatemala.

Reports suggest that McAfee's lifestyle and behavior has been erratic over the past several years, and news agency Reuters says that Belize's prime minister has gone so far as to question his mental state, calling him paranoid and "bonkers."

McAfee has led authorities a merry dance through confusing information placed on his blog and his movement across borders, although he has also offered a reward of $25,000 for information leading to the arrest of Faul's killers.

After being detained, McAfee began blogging again, saying that he was "in jail in Guatemala", and that it was "vastly superior to Belize jails." It seems that the company founder is being treated well enough, as he comments, "I asked for a computer and one magically appeared. The coffee is also excellent."

In addition, although the fugitive is now detained and requests to be deported to the United States cannot be approved, immediate deportation back to Belize may not be on the cards. McAfee said in a blog post:

"My lawyer just brought a judge to the jail and the judge issued a stay order until a higher judge can review the case. This effectively stops Immigration from returning me to the Belize border."

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