McAfee, Intel working to protect energy utilities from cyber attacks

Intel and its subsidiary McAfee are working on a security platform aimed to protect critical infrastructures, especially those that are energy-related, worldwide.

McAfee has announced a new partnership with its parent company, Intel, on an initiative intended to better protect the world’s energy utility ecosystem from increased cyber attacks.

Under the partnership, the two entities are developing a blueprint for a comprehensive solution of multiple products that will comprise a multi-layered security platform.

Besides promoting more awareness about cyber security and increasing attacks, some of the objectives for this platform include improving and speeding up response times to attacks, decreasing the changes of a malicious attack in the first place, increasing uptime, and offering more options for remote device management.

However, tackling a project to protect energy utilities worldwide is no easy feat, and it's going to take a considerable time to accomplish. Although there is not a detailed timetable available, both parties have acknowledged this, citing handling big data, endpoint manageability, and handling multiple networks and IT zones as some of the major hurdles.

So far, McAfee and Intel have introduced a "reference implementation" that is already based upon several of both companies' existing security solutions. This implementation basically works as a simulator to demonstrate to enterprise customers what happens in response to an unsuccessful cyber-attack thwarted by McAfee Embedded Control as well as the impact of a successful attack on an unprepared system.


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