McAfee promises chip-to-application coverage with new mobile security suite

McAfee's chip-to-application security suite dives into the hardware and mobile operating systems while cutting back on traditional antivirus scanning methods.


Following up some new cloud products last month , McAfee has rolled out its latest security suite with mobile usage at the forefront.

The McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection Suites is touted by the Intel subsidiary to improve upon older generation endpoint security solutions because it is designed to scan beyond just endpoint devices but also at the data and application layers too.

Using hardware-targeted features in real-time, routine antivirus scans are actually reduced. The intended benefits are cutting time wasted on these more old school measures while delivering better performance and faster results. In the end, McAfee promises this should stop cyber-criminals and threats before they impact business.

Described by McAfee to be the industry's "first" chip-to-application security suite, here are some of the key features to know:

  • Deep Defender: Hardware-enhanced root kit outside the mobile operating system, providing more protection against threats designed to bypass traditional AV products.
  • RealTime for ePO: Speed multiplier for McAfee endpoint security suites
  • Risk Advisor: Provides situational awareness in real-time for highest risk devices

McAfee asserted that this endpoint suite should be applicable at "businesses of all sizes" with "complete protection technology for all devices." That consists of mobile device management across PCs, Macs and Linux.

Thus, with more comprehensive support, the security giant suggested that more businesses (even at the enterprise level) should be able to afford to deploy such a platform as it comes in one giant package, reducing the associated IT costs and needs.

However, pricing and availability depends on the client. Interested companies can sign up through McAfee or a certified reseller.