McAfee's MOVE tackles 'all types' of virtual environment attacks

McAfee's new agentless solution aims to protect virtual environments from all types of attacks with help from VMware.

McAfee has introduced its new Management for Optimized Virtual Environments (MOVE) AV solution, asingle, high-performance console that aims to defend virtual environments from all types of physical and virtual attacks.

MOVE AV has two deployment options (multi-platform and agentless), both of which are managed on McAfee's ePolicy Orchestrator platform and are designed to offer comprehensive defenses against malware.

One of the key reasons to tout the single console aspect is that customers have a one-stop shop of sorts for monitoring and protecting sensitive assets an data. MOVE AV also delivers real-time visibility into the virtual environment by using McAfee's Global Threat Intelligence technology for network security.

Furthermore, given the virtual environments factor, it makes sense that McAfee has expanded its friendship with VMware on this project. MOVE AV integrates VMware's vShield Endpoint to offer business customers a standard platform and delivery of security.

McAfee customers also have the ability to optimize the performance of their virtual desktop infrastructure and virtual server environments based on VMware technology.

McAfee's MOVE AV agent-less deployment option is available now.


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