McDonald's taps VMob for 'live marketing' tech

The fast-food giant has opened the door to a global rollout of location-based marketing technology after VMob implementations in the Netherlands, Sweden, and Japan.

McDonald's has inked a global deal with New Zealand-based VMob Group to roll out cloud-based mobile customer engagement technology.

VMob had already been working with McDonald's in the Netherlands, Sweden, and Japan, but the new deal will provide access to up to 119 markets, including the US, where an immediate rollout is planned.

VMob develops marketing technologies based around mobile phones and location systems including Beacons.

Its platform integrates incentives such as promotional vouchers with loyalty schemes and mobile marketing analytics, allowing users to combine historic data with live data to deliver what VMob dubs "live marketing".

The terms of the global agreement are confidential, VMob said.

Separately, VMob announced that it has raised just under NZ$2.2 million to support current and planned deployments and growth in the US.

VMob's NZX-listed shares more than doubled in value after the announcement to give it a market capitalisation of just over NZ$30 million.