Meet Gello: An open-source Chromium browser for Android from CyanogenMod

The open-source community is bringing another mobile browser choice to Android in the form of Gello: A Chromium browser without the Google bits.

Looking for a non-Google browser to use on Android? You might want to keep an eye on CyanogenMod's latest project.

The development group has created Gello, a mobile browser for Android built on open-source Chromium code.

You can't get install Gello just yet and there's no ETA; the team has simply said it will "unveil more soon" and shared this silent video look at the browser.

Much of what's in the demonstration may look familiar if you use the Chrome browser on an Android device.

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That's because Chrome is Google's take on Chromium with the company adding its own features and services. But not everyone wants to use Android with what Google offers.

That's why some install the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) version of the platform, which is freely available and doesn't include Google apps or services.

The Gello browser would be aimed at those who prefer AOSP instead of Google's Android although it's possible -- likely even -- that it could be installed directly on traditional Android devices.

As Android Police notes, there are some interesting features in Gello; some of which are either missing from Chrome or are still experimental, such as the "save for offline" reading, night and immersive modes, custom download settings and more extensive privacy options.

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