Meet the next "Nest for the Garden"

GreenIQ has released a smart hub for the outdoors that controls irrigation with smart watering to save you up to 70 percent in monthly water bills.

Water conservation, in light of California's drought, is no longer an earth-friendly duty; it's a mandate. But water conservation isn't just California's problem, everyone should play a part.

Meet the next Nest for the Garden ZDNet

Current irrigation systems are inefficient and waste up to 50 percent of the US household's average annual water consumption.

Israeli IoT start-up GreenIQ has announced its "Smart Garden Hub". Like a Nest for the Garden, the device has an open API that allows you to connect to a wide variety of smart devices and sensors, from weather stations to plant growth guidance.

Meet the next Nest for the Garden ZDNet

The Hub is easy to install and connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi, allowing it to be remotely controlled anywhere at any time via the app.

The app is compatible with any smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Irrigation systems and garden lighting can be controlled from your device.

The smart watering algorithm monitors weather conditions, soil moisture, rain gauge and plant information in real-time - to determine when best to water.

The second generation Smart Garden Hub - think Nest for the garden - is waterproof.

It combines real-time sensors, and WiFi to help make gardens smarter, allowing lawn lovers to save water, energy and reduce their bills by up to 70 percent.

GreenIQ recently announced its tie up with The Home Depot, its two-million gallons of water saved milestone and its partnership with IFTTT to allow it to extend its Smart Garden Hub from the garden to the home.

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The partnership with IFTTT will enable the company to use its technology to enable the Hub to control more than sprinklers and move into the home. Customers can put connected devices on to autopilot.

The Smart Garden Hub is in mass production and has just secured distribution with Home Depot. Its "GardenKit" open API means developers can bring other apps to the device.

Analytics geeks can monitor real-time data from third party IoT sensors, such as Netatmo's Weather Station and Rain Gauge for hyper-localized weather information.

Soil moisture sensors such as Parrot's Flower Power or Koubachi provide water savings.

the company is backed by Tier-1, early-stage VCs and private investors such as Entree Capita and Gigi Levy which have also backed Visualead, Alibaba's first Israeli start-up investment.

Odi Dahan, founder and CEO of GreenIQ said: "We are aiming to be the 'Nest for the garden.'

We are extremely proud of our recent milestone. It is our mission to make gardens smarter and allow people to feel more connected to their gardens, while protecting the planet at the same time."

The Smart Garden Hub is available online for $249.00 at The Home Depot.

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