Megaport spins off fibre ahead of global push

Megaport will spin off its fibre assets into a new company called Superloop ahead of plans to expand outside of Australia and the Asian region.

Megaport founder Bevan Slattery has said that the company needs to get back to its roots in getting out of the dark fibre business.

Interconnectivity company Megaport will focus on its core business as it expands into Europe and the United States, with Slattery saying that the company's existing dark fibre assets in Australia, which connect datacentres owned by Global Switch, Equinix, and NextDC, will be spun off into a separate company called Superloop, going live in January 2015.

Superloop will also be building out a network in Singapore after securing access to 150 kilometres of duct in the city-state, and 70 percent of the network is expected to go live in March 2015, with the whole network completed in July.

Slattery told ZDNet that it was important to separate the two companies as Megaport looks at expanding beyond Australia and Singapore.

"We looked at Megaport and where its rollout expansion was, and it was beyond those markets. I wanted to be very clear about what Megaport does and what it doesn't do. Megaport is a layer 2, elastic connectivity platform. It's about making it easier for the network and cloud guys to interconnect," he said.

"I didn't want people to also think it was a dark fibre provider."

Slattery will be running the Superloop business, with Matt Whitlock as the chief operating officer, and a completely separate team to those running Megaport.

In his place at Megaport, Slattery has appointed former Microsoft senior director for global network Denver Maddux, who has also had extensive network rollout experience during his time at Limelight.

"We want to take Megaport global, and what that needs is a lot of dedication and focus and attention. What it takes is great leadership and a great network. The appointment of Denver as CEO of Megaport was tremendous because it gives us everything we need to be successful from a global standpoint," Slattery said.

"He's done the network side of it, but he's also done the leadership side of it, particularly in the Microsoft days."

Maddux said that Megaport is looking at market opportunities in the Asian region, but also in the US and Europe.

"We're also looking at a couple of other market opportunities in South Korea, Taiwan, and Malaysia, but after that there's a lot of interest in Europe for the Megaport model, as well as the major cities in the US, where we may have some competition on features but not in terms of the overall capabilities of the platform," he said.

Maddux said Megaport would be working with its partners such as Amazon to expand into the new markets, particularly in the US, and would seek to complement rather than overbuild the networks they have in place.

"Where do we best suit them? What markets are most important to them?"

Joining Maddux will be Belinda Flanders as executive vice president for Asia-Pacific and Middle East and Africa, and Brynn Maddux as executive vice president of the Americas and Europe.

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