Megaupload's Dotcom appeals to Obama supporters in music video

Kim Dotcom has launched a campaigning site called, along with a song called Mr President that attacks Megaupload's enemies

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has launched a website called that accuses the US of waging war on him and other 'innovators' in the entertainment industry.

The site's text equates the content-sharing website's removal with pieces of copyright-crackdown legislation such as SOPA, PIPA and ACTA , all of which have been defeated due to popular disapproval, and highlights the fact that US authorities are not letting the site's users access the files they stored on Megaupload.

It also displays a music video of a song called Mr President, which contains lines such as: "The war for innovation has begun, Hollywood is in control of politics, the government is killing innovation."

"The US government has declared war on the internet. Millions of Mega users want their files back," the site asserts. "If Megaupload is not back online by November 1st, will you vote for Obama?"

Kim Dotcom and his colleagues face extradition to the US to face charges relating to copyright infringement and money laundering.

Dotcom, a German citizen living in New Zealand, maintains that the cyberlocker was not itself infringing copyright, and that he is being persecuted for innovating in the entertainment business.