Melbourne nabs Australia's first IBM SoftLayer datacentre

IBM's cloud services business SoftLayer is set to open its first Australian datacentre in Melbourne in September, with a second datacentre planned for Sydney later this year.

IBM today announced plans to open two SoftLayer datacentres in Australia, with Melbourne playing host to the first of the pair, which is set to open in September, and Sydney to see the launch of the second later this year.

The datacentre, planned for Melbourne's Deer Park, is the latest of 15 new datacentres that IBM is opening as part of a $1.2 billion global investment to expand its cloud services footprint internationally.

The new datacentre will replicate IBM's other SoftLayer datacentres around the world, boasting capacity for more than 15,000 physical servers, offering a full portfolio of SoftLayer's cloud services, and including bare metal and virtual servers, storage, and networking.

The company plans to turn on an initial 5,000 servers in September, and then ramp up capacity to over 15,000 servers within three years.

Victorian Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips, who inaugurated the facility site, said that the move was a significant international investment in Victoria's information and communications technology capabilities and skills.

SoftLayer chief executive officer Lance Crosby said the company is making substantial investment in its cloud infrastructure in Australia, due to increasing market demand for local cloud services.

"Australia is an important market for IBM and SoftLayer," said Crosby. "We are seeing a strong appetite for cloud in this market, particularly towards the hybrid cloud model. We are investing in Australia, combining and strengthening our existing cloud capabilities.

"We now offer customers high-value, enterprise-grade hybrid cloud environment. IBM's ability to offer Australian businesses in-country access to SoftLayer's global cloud infrastructure will further accelerate cloud adoption amongst a new breed of organisations that is constantly ready and responding to change," he said.

IBM has been heavily focused on the development of its cloud services infrastructure over the past few years, with the company acquiring SoftLayer in mid-2013 for $2 billion.

Earlier this month, IBM announced that it would open up a new SoftLayer datacentre facility in Toronto, following new datacentre launches in London and Hong Kong.

In Australia, IBM has been ramping up its cloud services, partnering with IT distributor Avnet Technology Solutions in order to build a business partner network in Australia to deliver SoftLayer services to the mid market.

IBM claims that since its acquisition in 2013, SoftLayer has served 6,000 new cloud clients, with IBM now counting over 100 cloud software-as-a-service solutions, and a worldwide network of datacentres.

Since 2007, the company has invested more than $7 billion in 17 acquisitions to accelerate its cloud initiatives and build a high-value cloud portfolio.

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