Men make death threats on Facebook, go directly to jail

Two men in completely different parts of the country recently made death threats on Facebook. They both went to jail.

Jordan Dickinsen of Wisconsin allegedly made a death threat on Facebook two months ago. This week, he was sentenced to six weeks in jail, according to WQOW.

Police were contacted by someone who noticed that Dickinsen had posted on Facebook that he was on his way to kill someone, before he killed himself. Police say he changed his Facebook profile picture to a photo of him holding a gun and again to an image of a man who appeared to have been shot in the face. When Dickinsen was apprehended, officers say he admitted planning to shoot someone.

In similar news, 19-year-old Shane Mosier of Indiana was accused of making death threats against two teenagers on Facebook. He was arrested and charged with Intimidation on May 26, 2011, and is being held at the Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center on $15,000 cash and $75,000 surety bond, according to a report this week from Eagle Country.

According to court documents, Mosier posted on his Facebook page that he was going to do a drive by shooting on two boys, one of who is the son of a police officer. A person who witnessed the multiple postings notified police, and investigators took the threats of using pistols and an AK-47 assault rifle seriously.

One of the postings was even made after he was arrested: "Well im sitting at the lawrenceburg police department rite now," Mosier reportedly wrote. "Just got arrested and talked to a detective. He let me use my phone if you wanted to know how im on facebook. Looks like im going back to jail tho. Write me ppl."

I don't have much more to say other than: if you see threatening posts on Facebook, report them.