Menlo Security partners with Webroot in enterprise malware screening push

The partnership will expand the use of website isolation techniques to keep the enterprise safe from malware.


Menlo Security and Webroot have teamed up in an effort to eradicate the threat of malware from online content.

The Internet is a constant threat to enterprise networks. While necessary in today's modern business world, the web still provides a conduit for attackers to infiltrate corporate networks which contain sensitive data -- a lucrative and enticing target for threat actors.

As cyberattacks evolve in sophistication and increase in size and volume, the enterprise has been forced to consider cybersecurity protection as a critical component in business models.

There will never be a foolproof way to completely protect a corporate network from infiltration -- and many now consider cyberthreats in a 'when, not if' mindset.

However, isolating content and removing malicious links and connections embedded within online services can add an extra line of defense to enterprise players.

It is this concept which has brought Menlo Security and Webroot together in a new partnership. Announced on Tuesday, the deal brings together Menlo Park, California-based Menlo Security's Isolation Platform and Webroot's BrightCloud Web Classification Service. Menlo's security solution, used within the enterprise, isolates web content in the cloud to allow users to interact with websites, links and online documents without coming into contact with malicious code.

Colorado-based Webroot's BrightCloud Web Classification Service is a URL classification system which gives IT administrators the option to allow, block or isolate websites based on various categories and previous threat intelligence, with the overall aim of reducing risks to enterprise users.

The companies said the improved Menlo Security Isolation platform will reduce the risk of corporate users becoming victim to malware lurking within online content, reducing the overall threat of malware without the need for end-point software.

Financial details were not disclosed.

"Menlo Security is taking a unique and innovative approach to eliminate all Web malware. By isolating all Web content, they are in a unique position to provide IT administrators with a policy paradigm unmatched by the industry," said Mike Malloy, executive vice president of products and strategy at Webroot.

"As the number one provider of threat intelligence services in the world, we are excited to be a strategic partner."

The Webroot BrightCloud Web Classification Service is now available as part of Menlo Security's Web Isolation Service.

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