Mercedes-Benz potentially leaks Google alternative to Apple's CarPlay

A job posting has potentially revealed details of Google's upcoming "Google Projected Mode" in-car connectivity system.

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Mercedes-Benz may have inadvertently spilled the beans on Google's upcoming vehicle infotainment system.

A job advertisement posted by the firm's parent company Daimler requests the services of a software engineer who can lend their skills in the implementation of Google's in-car system, apparently called "Google Projected Mode."

The German car maker describes the system as a way to "seamlessly integrate" Android mobile devices in to a car's dashboard. According to the ad, the dashboard will display the operating system's interface, and will be used for "media content, sending messages, receiving phone calls and navigation."

One more interesting part of the advertisement says that Google Projected Mode will be coming to "all Mercedes-Benz vehicles in all markets worldwide."

The job advertisement does suggest that Google is on the way to tapping into the connected cars industry, although rival Apple is already there.

On Monday, Apple announced the availability of the CarPlay system in partnership with automakers including Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz. The in-car infotainment software allows users to make calls, listen to music, access apps and messages as well as maps by either touch or voice activation on the iOS platform. 

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Image credit: Mercedes-Benz

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