Mercedes explores Google Glass potential

Will Google Glass replace interactive dashboards in the modern-day vehicle?

Park your car, slip on your Google Glass headset, and head down the road, following the same directions to a coffee shop, clothing store or restaurant you've used to drive with. Mercedes-Benz is ramping up its technological efforts -- and this is one of the results.

The automaker is exploring the possibilities of connecting wearable devices to their vehicles. Called "Door-to-Door Navigation," the prototype app -- part of Mercedes' Digital DriveStyle App and suitable for Google's Glass -- allows you to enter an address through the headset, plug in your phone, and then transfer the data to a car's interactive dashboard. Once you're close by and unplug your phone, the directions are then transferred back to the headset.

The difference between this proof-of-concept app and traditional GPS systems is the user's ability to use the same set of directions whether driving or walking -- seamlessly.

"We definitely see wearable devices as another trend in the industry that is important to us," Johann Jungwirth, Mercedes' North American R&D President & CEO told Wired. "We have been working with Glass for roughly six months and meeting with the Google Glass team regularly."

However, the automaker and tech giant have issues to iron out -- including the fact Google's headset does not support the iPhone, and the Mercedes Digital DriveStyle App does not support Android.

Jungwirth said that Mercedes wants to include Google Glass functionality in future products, and hopefully will have something ready by the time Glass is available to consumers.

In recent times, Mercedes has doubled its investment and employee numbers at its Silicon Valley research center.

Via: Wired

Image credit: Mercedes

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