Messaging app LINE releases LINE@ app for business and professional users

LINE Corporation has released a new application call LINE@, an enterprise version of its popular call and messaging app.

Image: LINE

LINE Corporation, creator of the communication app LINE, released its LINE@ app for businesses and professionals on Friday, February 13, 2015. The app is intended to help users create official accounts to connect with customers or fans.

LINE@ can be used to send mass message to all your account's followers, which can be scheduled to push in the future. Users can also conduct one-on-one chats with fans or customers as long as the customer is the initiator, although this feature can be disabled by the user.

Like many social media sites, brands or businesses using LINE@ create a home page to display business information and news. Updates can also be posted which will appear in the timelines of users who have friended your account.

Users are given a random user ID for free, or they have the option to purchase a premium, custom ID for an initial price of $24, and a yearly recurring fee of $12 after that.

The app is available on both Android and iOS, offering a free or paid plan. Free accounts are limited to 1,000 messages a month.

Paid plans cost $50 per month and afford users the ability to send 50,000 messages a month. Every message sent over the 50,000 will cost an additional $0.01 USD. LINE@ accounts must be paid for using LINE's LINE Pay system.

According to a LINE Corporation press release, LINE@ supports the following 17 languages: Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese (Brazil/Portugal), Russian, Spanish, and Thai.

Additional features are available through the LINE@ for PC admin page, including the ability to create a PR page with official materials and a Rich Page where users can post questions or surveys for customers. This is also where users can find engagement statistics.

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