MI is the most wired state government in US

Michigan wins Center for Digital Government's top award two years running but do governor's political postings throw cold water on the glory?
Written by Richard Koman, Contributor


Michigan took first place in a survey of the most digitally advanced state governments conducted by the Center for Digital Government. The Digital State Survey examines best practices, policies and progress made by state governments in their use of digital technologies.

And the winners are:

1st Michigan
2nd Virginia
3rd Ohio
4th Utah
5th Arizona
6th Arkansas
7th South Dakota
8th Kentucky
9th Wisconsin
10th Tennessee

But a Michigan newspaper claims that Michigan's governor is politicizing the state's website by posting campaign messages on the taxpayers' resource. Editorializes the (MI) Oakland Press:

The problem is two petition drives promoted by the governor that should be removed from the taxpayer-funded site. One is aimed at beating up on President Bush for not capping oil profits; another calls on the state Legislature to eliminate restrictions on stem cell research.

This is not about agreeing with the aims of the petition drives. It's about a governor usurping the state Web site to further her own political goals.

Granholm argues that she has a duty to take a stand and to lead on issues. Perhaps, but she is abusing that right - and taxpayers' dollars - when she asks people who may not agree with her to fund what amounts to state-sanctioned petition drives on the state Web site.

But back to the good news. Center executive director Cathilea Robinett trumpeted: "With the right leadership, state governments can leverage information technology to greater enhance operations and serve their citizens. The states in the top 10 continue to advance 21st century governance and show their commitment to the future viability of their states."

And Michigan’s chief information officer, Teri Takai, was thrilled at back-to-back wins.

This provides independent validation that we are still on the right track and that our partnerships with all of the state agencies are bringing value and benefits to those who live and work here in Michigan.”
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